12 Jun 2015

Watch Review - Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch EQB-500D-1A Links With Smartphone

Watch Review - Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch EQB-500D-1A Watch Review - Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch EQB-500D-1A
One of the best implementations of practical smartwatch features in a stunning watch. Bluetooth. Check. Solar powered. Check. World Time. Check. Dual time zone. Check. Find my phone. Check. Stunning look. Check.
A glance is enough to attract one towards this watch. It is remarkably bold with the contrast green details in stunning black dial watch. Finishing with stainless steel bracelet, the watch looks familiar, yet appealing.

What lies beneath is a feast of features one could ask for.

  • Bluetooth link with smartphones: The watch can connect to an iPhone or android phone via Bluetooth. Download "Casio+" app from Apple app store or android play store and manage the watch via app. 
  • Find my phone: You can activate a buzzer to ring on the phone, by using "find my phone" feature from the watch. 
  • Thanks to tough solar technology, the watch is powered by light. 
  • World Time & Alternate Time Zone: The watch can display time in two time zones at the same time. Main dial can show time in the current time zone. The small dial next to 9 o'clock hour can display time in another time zone. Use the app on smartphone to set the time zone / city time for alternate time zone. This makes the watch ideal for travelling overseas as you can easily swap current and alternate time zone and keep an eye on "home" time. 
  • Alarm: Use the app on your phone to set the alarm on the watch. Alert for new e-mail: You can set the alert on the Casio+ app on the phone. When you have a new e-mail, the mode button on the watch will indicate new e-mail. 
  • Setting time & day: You have two ways to set the day and time. Set it up normally as you would on a watch or download the smartphone app and set via the the app on the phone. 
  • The neo-display ensures long-term illumination in low light. This makes it easy to read time even in low light conditions. I find this feature gives the watch a great appearance as well as practicality. 
  • The feature list continued with vibration resistance resistance, an aeroplane mode & a stopwatch. 
  • With 100 metres water resistance, this watch is also suitable for shower & swimming.
Bluetooth connection to link with smartphone, Find my phone, World Time, Dual time zone, Tough solar
This is a very sturdy watch - superb quality in a tough rugged metal case, backed by Casio's 2 year warranty.
This edifice Bluetooth watch has a bold white and lime green detailing. With all the fantastic features and design edge, this watch can be worn at any time, looking stunning whilst being practical.

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